A gallery view of our projects


SCAD Fahm Hall Gemstone Installation 2017

Our mission was to build large scale display from as much reclaimed material as possible. We utilized over 50 pounds of sheets, curtains, and table cloths that were hand dyed and stretched over metal frame.  coated in epoxy resin to emulate floating gemstones. In the evening the  


Entomology study illustrated - 2016

a performance piece in the retail space of The PAris Market in downtown savannah. We intricitely set up a entomology station in the center of the retail floor. In the corner sat an old vintage drafting table were Jeromy Ross illustrated insects in front of an audience.  

The Paris Market Window Display  2016 - 2017

We began in 2016 building The paris Market windows with the experience collective. by 2017 we began experimenting and constructing display from reclaimed or upcycled materials. 


Every action in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.
— Edwin Hubbel Chapin


Custom 4' x 6' Abstract

A client has requested a custom abstract painting. So we have decided to document the development in the hopes of sharing a bit of the magic in creating. Abstract work can be a long, but meditative process in which the artist explores self-expression and gestural movement to build on layers in the hopes to conclude with a balanced satisfying composition. Hope you enjoy!


"Delitescent" Fall 2018 - Thesis Collection

This is a gallery view of Thesis work from the collection "Delitescent" which means hidden or concealed. This series of products consisted of Upcycled leather that was railroad stitched back together to create unqiue exterior detail. the handles are fabricated from segmenting small scraps of both wood, brass, and finishing with an epoxy resin.

It is in The utilitarian design of drop down compartments that truly highlights the title " Delitescent" and shares a romantic nature of re-fabricating reclaimed materials to bring to life new and functional works of art.


OPEN STUDIO - Saturday, May 20th 6:00 - 9:00pm

Let’s make art together!! We are hosting a celebration of life, love, and art that instills within us the passion for making.  There will be a variety of activities provided designed in a way that can infuse our creative minds as one!  And if that isn’t your cup of tea, drinks, live music, appetizers, and some uniquely creative company will be present as well…… So if you have a moment to spare, please join us in our festivities


A potluck table if you feel the need to share some treats or drinks, otherwise just bring yourself!


Hosting display class - MAY 6th (Class Full)

Atlas Obscura is coming to town. May 6th 2017 we will be hosting a small 1 hour class at The paris market on building display within a medium size cloche. We are in preparation mode creating elements for students to incorporate.


“Be free in you experimentation for this magnificent
process of creation”
— ophilya


Project Request- Giant Flowers

These poppy flowers range from 3-6ft and are made from tissue paper, concrete, wire, and whole foods bags.


Upcycled Whole Foods Ivy

We never understood the concept of fake plants due to its juxtaposition of mocking a life sustaining organism and its non-biodegradable aspects of plastic greenery pollutes our precious environment. So Of course the challenge we were presented with was to create fake foliage to hang from large planters. To work around this crisis of environmental mockery we built these vines of ivy from whole foods brown paper bags. So therefore they are not only upcycled but can also be recycled.


ASI Tea company Label illustrations 2017

Asi yaupon tea company located in savannah Ga requested jeromy Ross to render images for them to use on their packaging and labels. These drawings are illustrated with both graphite and micron. 


Gemstone monoprint installation 2016