in this world full of rapid disposal and waste our mission as makers has developed into creating with all aspects of our material. We do not discard our scraps, and we collect donations to re-fabricate new well crafted & upcycled designs.  We welcome you to come explore our world of creation through descriptive imagery.  This brand is dedicated to bringing to life once forgotten materials and creating one-of-kind handmade accessories. Come Explore!



It is a constant struggle to watch the world discard mindlessly. At this point upcycling it not a option for myself, but a mandatory means in creating. Trained under a Hungarian shoe master, I was able to attribute practical and artisan skills that allows me to manipulate my materials in order to create any 3dementional form. I choose to build high quality, wearable works of art, that allow any individual whom connects with this vision to express their unique personality.